Cannot reset Personalized list to default one

Playing with local modification of fields on the list and after some time deciding to revert all modifications – but from time to time there is an issue that even you are trying to reset list – it simply do nothing.

You can see little tip on the Configure -> List Layout:

You have personalized this list with the list mechanic.You will not see changes made here until your personal list is reset to column defaults.

The message looks as meaningfull and we should just reset to defaults. It should be simple and effective – and sometimes it isn’t.

There is some way to come back to default list view. You have to choose from Navigator:

System UI -> List

then try to search proper user that is affected (your user or any that you want to help) – select specific table that issue exists and then try to delete the records – no worries about strange message, just confirm it.

Unable to upload image

In the upload form you can see that some type of image is allowed to be sent to Servicenow. We are trying to upload it but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

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Howto sort list by two fields

Is there a way to have list of records sorted by one field and then by 2nd field?

Or we can use only sort by one field?

It seems that there is a way to accomplish it. We need to modify…

… url and its parameters

We should modify it in following way:


Additionally we are able to use orderbydesc to sort descending.

There is also easier way to achieve it – using filter modification icon – try to use twice Add Sort button…

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