Xiaomi is restarting all the time

From time to time Redmi Note 9 is going to restart – it can be caused by some issue or scheduled.

Last time it started to recycle all the time.

I’ve tried to restart by holding Power button for some time – it didn’t help at all.

Next attempt was to use Power and Volume Down button in the same time. The reaction was strange because Xiaomi was with logo and frozen.

What I’ve found was also to use Power and Volume Up button. No result, phone looked like broken – I left it for a few minutes and … it started properly.

Now the question – what’s going on? I’ve upgraded last week this phone from 12 to 12.5 – there was slight improvement but also this strange constant rebooting. Not sure about product lifecycle but it seems that Xiaomi is using unqualified developers – it means that I will never buy this product again.

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